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All day we keep on thinking if we were really made to face some things that happens in life. But the truth still remains, that life was built on struggles & hustles & that’s always gonna keep us going, no matter what the life your living got for you. The pain comes before the gain, you can’t change that all by yourself because even when God created Man, he saw man needed comfort & he created woman. Even if you ain’t got no physical comforter there’s still someone out there there’s always trynna help. Opportunity is a chance and not a choice, even if your mind is set towards something else it doesn’t really matter in life because change is the only thing that is constant. Always trynna pave your way for success, hope, love, peace & friendship to be your guidance in life. Struggles don’t kill you, but they bring out the real substance your made of with just a matter of time. Patiently waiting for what you think is right, gives you more motivation towards great achievement, successful lifestyle, peace of nature, & most especially the freedom of life. The gateway is just too wide for you to stop halfway and wonder, “is this the end?“, but the question still remains the same. Without doubt everything we struggling for are just material things, kind of funny, we ain’t gonna die with any of this things we fight for. I still got one believe that no matter who you are, or what you are, or what you’ve achieved in life, you can never ever, even for one’s predict the next move of the next person. Don’t blame no one for what they are today, you’ve never been part of their life even for a second & see the pains, hate, suffer, hustle, struggle, life trauma, you’ve never known what bothers them the most. Being the big BOSS implies one thing, “have worked so hard’,.The mindset of any man can never be the same. You got to stand for what you believe in & fight for the truth. Always trynna be the man you are & always remember to smile in any situation.

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