Perfectly the stone that builder refuse, is always gonna be the heck on a stone” and certainly the wise person is always the winner at all situations. Don’t be deceived by what you see, cause all might just be fake and you never can tell what becomes of it. A true man can fight he’s way up to the top without no additional body to assist he’s struggle’s. The aim of some people is to get attention from the ambitious men, perhaps meaning that they really need something from the upper hands. Generally the average man is entitled to the help of his brain, despite all arrangement put to place, inorder to hasten the job about to be done. We sometimes find out that, we make friends form different places like:
4.Training Enclosure
8.Bar e.t.c
Apparently we trend to know more considering the fact that the life we are living is all about “risk”. No one can ever think of predicting a humans lifestyle, despite being the closest friend or pal as the case maybe . The mind of humans cannot be foreseen by either you or me. While sleeping, you are assumed “dead” but still “alive”, and that’s how we tend to do things without thinking twice of the consequences attached to what we choose to do. The life another is differently from yours, so therefore; your destiny’s can’t be the same. Occasionally, nature’s call can’t be predictable because the ways of men are different from the ways of the creator “God”.

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